¡Consiéntete con una cajita!

Treat yourself with items that represent YOU, & discover new brands while supporting Latino businesses!

¡La maestra box es una celebración!

We celebrate that we are teachers. We celebrate Latinos. We cherish that we have in our hands the honor of spreading two worlds and a mix of cultures. It’s a moment of connecting with the roots of bilingualism and spicing it up with the best of both worlds. You’ll find different items that suit specific needs. They can be fun, pampering, joyful, cultural, but never boring!

Surprise and give joy to your bilingual or Latino teacher heart with La Maestra Box.

la maestra box

What’s in the box?

Every maestra box will be carefully designed just for you. You will find at least 7 items to treat your Latino-teacher life:

self care
art print

La maestra box makes an effort to include at least 1 item that comes from a Latino-owned business or that is handcrafted by a Latino artisan. We also strive to give you at least 1 item in Spanish.

How it Works:

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Receive your maestra box

Receive your maestra box

Disfruta  your box!

Disfruta your box!

Have you ever seen a teacher item that was PERFECT but you wished it was in Spanish?

Have you ever wished more products represented your culture?

Inside La maestra box, you will find teacher and women’s items that will allow you to feel heard and represented.