What's in La maestra box?

La maestra box is carefully designed and curated for you! When you receive your box you will be able to find at least 7 items including items like: self-care, treat/snack, sticker, classroom supplies, wearables, art print, and/or decor. All boxes also include Jorja’s favorite candy!

We support Latino-owned businesses.

Themes change monthly and the items in a box might not come back! So get your Maestra box before it’s gone!!

When will I receive my Maestra box?

We will ship your maestra box around the 15th of every month. It will take a few days after shipment to receive it on your doorstep!

How often will I receive La maestra box?
La maestra box ships once a month. You can sign up to receive La maestra box monthly and cancel any time!
Can I skip a month?
Absolutely! You can skip a month by logging in to your account.
How can I contact you?
Email us at lamaestrabox@gmail.com. We are happy to hear from you.
I'm a Latino-owned business, how can we collaborate?
We love to work with other Latino-owned businesses like us! If you would like your product featured in a box, please email us at lamaestrabox@gmail.com